Get TV, Video on demand, Broadband with a single Lukup Media connection

Starting from Rs 690 per month for Unlimited 20 Mbps internet and 300+ TV channels.

A Lukup Player comes with every new connection. Get one free with a 12 month subscription.

High speed broadband internet. Choice of getting internet wirelessly or through ethernet.

What you get

TV Channels

Video on Demand

Watch Pay per view, and Subscription video on demand channels free of bandwidth cost on TV and Mobile.

Broadband Internet

300+ standard definition channels and 20+ high definition channels. Record TV on the cloud.

300 +  channels

Lukup Media subscription plans combine access to TV channels, high speed internet access, video on demand for a single price.

Rs 690 /-

Cost extra

20 Mbps

20 GB

Subscription plans

Rs 1200 /-

100 Mbps

300+regional channels

100 GB

Rs 100 credit

Power plan

Rs 990 /-

* Monthly plans shown. 3/6/12 month plans available. 

* Cost of Lukup Player is extra at Rs 4000 for monthly plan, Rs 2500 on 6 month plan, and Free for 1 year plan.

Rs 1950 /-

Price per month

(excluding Tax)

75 Mbps


150 Mbps

TV Channels

300 +  channels

Storage for TV recording

300+regional channels

Video on demand

50 GB

Standard plan

200 GB

Super plan

Cost extra

Premium plan

Rs 200 credit 

Getting a Lukup connection

Need high speed internet for your office ?

Want TV, Video on demand, Broadband and Wifi in your hotel rooms ?

Need IPTV only for commercial premises ?

Get a custom quote for your commercial connection. 

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